Top 4 Veritaseum Price Predictions for 2018 -

Top 4 Veritaseum Price Predictions for 2018

Veritaseum is an unusual crypto token that has been the subject of much interest and controversy when it rolled out in the middle of 2017. Full of promises to revolutionize both token and traditional stock trading and buoyed by its founder’s strong personality, Veritaseum was on the watchlist of many crypto enthusiasts. Whether Veritaseum is likely to fulfill its promise and bring huge rewards to investors in 2018 remains to be seen. We have analyzed the token’s historical trading data and its business model to give you comprehensive Veritaseum price predictions for the coin’s near future.

What Are the Veritaseum Price Predictions for 2018?

Underperforming the Market

Veritaseum is currently trading at a very impressive $100 USD per token, suggesting that it is a solid performer and a good investment, but many of its vital statistics tell a very different story. While many coins would love to trade at $100 USD, for Veritaseum that does not actually represent very significant growth. The token was trading at a similar price before the big crypto boom in December 2017 and January 2018.

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Most other tokens gained a lot of value during that period and are now, despite the Q1 2018 downturn, are trading at levels well above their November 2017 ones. Bitcoin, the benchmark cryptocurrency, gained roughly 10% during the same period. That Veritaseum is underperforming the general market raises some concerns about its future growth potential, making it likely that it will continue to remain stagnant.

A further barrier to growth is its limited liquidity. It is only listed on a few relatively obscure exchanges and its daily trading volume, even during peaks, rarely exceeds 1% of the circulating volume. The circulating volume itself is only 2% of the total token supply, with 98% held by the company’s founder. Because of this, even a small increase in liquidity, such as if he decided to sell off a portion of his state, could send the price tumbling down.

Based on this data, our best-case Veritaseum price predictions suggest that it will stay level at current prices or shift slightly in response to the larger market. Our worst-case predictions for Veritaseum show it dropping to as low as $5 per token in case of a large sell-off by the founder.

Unclear Business Model

One of the great advantages of the cryptocurrency market is the tendency towards transparency from the companies and teams that create the various coins and tokens. Most of the code used is open-source and founders release detailed white papers that go into both the financial and technical aspects of their tokens.

Veritaseum does not seem to have embraced those advantages. The company’s website leaves it unclear as to what the actual Veritaseum token is used for, and there is no white paper or other technical information about how it functions.

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The central idea appears to be trading in derivative assets in cryptocurrency, as well as receiving consulting services on those trades, though the latter appears to require one to own at least $1 million USD in Veritaseum. It is unclear how Veritaseum tokens are to be transferred between users or what the benefits are of trading cryptocurrency using Veritaseum instead of on the conventional exchanges.

All of this makes it impossible to accurately model the supply and demand factors that determine the fundamental trading price of any token, which makes it hard to make Veritaseum price predictions. Without a clear use for Veritaseum tokens, our current estimate for the demand is low to non-existent.

Meanwhile, the circulating supply does not appear to be constrained through any use cases. Together, this suggests that the price of Veritaseum should stay relatively even or even decrease as investors sell off their shares during portfolio rebalances.

Scam Accusations

While many in the cryptocurrency trading community are quick to decry revolutionary or visionary projects as scams, these accusations against Veritaseum have been relatively persistent, with the company itself setting off red flags for many analysts and investors. The company’s founder – Reggie Middleton, has a flair for self-promotion that often involves getting into messy comment threads with bloggers that often leave the reader with less concrete knowledge about the coin than before.

Others have cast suspicions on the relatively small team behind the Veritaseum coin. Only one team member appears to have any experience in programming or development, with the rest of the team consisting of marketing and finance experts, along with the Middleton’s high school student son. This team composition has little in common with that of previous successful cryptocurrency projects.

Finally, Veritaseum suffered a high-profile breach shortly after its ICO that liquidated approximately $8 million in tokens. The company’s secrecy about the breach has given many the impression that it may have been an inside job.

It is impossible to say if Veritaseum is actually malicious, but its public relations, team composition, and investor outreach have not been up to the standards that we have seen among cryptocurrencies that go on to see large gains in the market.

Veritaseum needs a ‘killer app’ or a big-name partner to see significant growth in the near term. Currently, that seems unlikely, leading us to our Veritaseum price predictions of staying level around the $100. If the market sees a significant dip, it is uncertain if Veritaseum has what it takes to rebound with it.

Worryingly Quiet

The cryptocurrency market is a very fast-moving one. If your token or company has not been in the news for a month or two, then you find yourself among the dinosaurs. Unfortunately for Veritaseum, that is exactly where it finds itself in the crypto consciousness.

Most of the major crypto coverage of the coin dates back to mid- and late-2017, with little news since. Most of the news in 2018 have consisted of press releases filled with little information about the Veritaseum coin from the founder or the company itself. No one else seems to be talking about it. In the crypto world, that is effectively a death sentence.

Similarly, the company’s GitHub repository has seen no new activity since October 2017. The code for the token itself has not been updated since May, and the wallet API since the end of 2015. There is no message about the code being migrated to a different repository.

This suggests that no actual development is taking place on the Veritaseum platform. What that means for Veritaseum price predictions is that the coin has no place to go but down once that becomes clear to investors that that is the case. Depending on the speed of the resulting sell-off that could push the value as low as $0, unless the Veritaseum team releases some major application or announces a major partnership soon.


Veritaseum is a coin with a lot of promise, but leaves that promise unfulfilled. With a team that is light on crypto technology experts, oversized commitments, and shaky financials, its current value of $100 USD per token is likely unsustainable in the long term, and is likely to trend downward towards $0 over time as investors move their funds towards coins promising better returns. Do you agree or disagree with our Veritaseum price predictions? Tell us below!

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