Top 3 Litecoin Price Predictions for 2018 -

Top 3 Litecoin Price Predictions for 2018

(Updated October, 2018) Nicknamed the silver to Bitcoin’s gold, Litecoin emerged onto the scene in 2011 to help remedy some of the flaws inherent in Bitcoin. To this end, Litecoin was designed to offer a more abundant supply of coins, a maximum cap of 84 million to be exact, as opposed to Bitcoin’s 21 million cap. Additionally, the amount of time required to carry out a transaction with Litecoin is a fourth of the time required for the same transaction using Bitcoin. This significant reduction in transaction time, coupled with the fourfold increase in coin supply, is expected to facilitate financial transactions while lowering the price of a single Litecoin compared to a single Bitcoin. With that said, let’s take a look at 3 top Litecoin price predictions for 2018. Read on to see how the price of Litecoin is expected to change during this year.

What Are the Litecoin Price Predictions for 2018?

As things stand, Litecoin has the 7th highest market capitalization, approximately 3 billion dollars, in the cryptocurrency world, trailing after Bitcoin, about $112.3 billion dollars as of this writing, Ethereum – around $21 billion, Ripple – around $18 billion dollars, Bitcoin Cash – around $7.5 billion, EOS – around $5 billion, and Stellar – around 4.5 billion. Nevertheless, performance-wise, Litecoin has outperformed both Bitcoin and Ethereum over the past year, with appreciation values reaching 2000%. Hence, attempting to make Litecoin price predictions for 2018 may be well worth our effort, regardless of the fact that all cryptocurrencies are very volatile at the moment, given their nascent state.

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1. The Rate of Adoption Should Increase

Be it the abundant supply or the speedy transactions, the number of people using Litecoin should increase in a somewhat exponential fashion. On the one hand, Litecoin, along with other cryptocurrencies, is tethered to Bitcoin, in the sense that the increase in usage of Bitcoin spells a higher rate of adoption for the rest of the cryptocurrencies. Evidence for this phenomenon can be witnessed by comparing the price charts of both currencies, at which point the correlation becomes unmistakable.

On the other hand, with both SegWit (Segregated Witness) and a Lightning network activated, Litecoin has the potential to scale far beyond anything Bitcoin is capable of at the moment. If you’re unfamiliar with what either a SegWit or Lightning network is, all you need to know is that they are technologies that enable cryptocurrency transactions to speed up while maintaining low transaction costs; hence, not only does Litecoin exchange hands faster than Bitcoin, but it also does this for a fraction of the cost, regardless of the number of transactions happening. All of these factors should influence any Litecoin price predictions for 2018.

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2. Litecoin’s Price Is Expected to Reach 1000 Dollars in 2018

When I first wrote this article almost one year ago the price of Litecoin was hovering around the 80 dollar mark, give or take. Litecoin price was at $313 at the end of November 2017, $230 at the start of January 2018, $65 in August and is now at $52.34. Should the rate of adoption go up, this should increase Litecoin’s price. Along with the rate of adoption and the general price movement of cryptocurrencies, a commensurate increase in the number of developers working on it is expected, which should fuel the price hike. Personally, I don’t really understand how the price of Litecoin is that low. It’s better than Bitcoin, it’s faster, it brings real value and the number of circulating supply is low (58,239,528 at the moment of writing).

As a matter of fact, when Litecoins first came into existence, their creator, Charlie Lee, envisioned them as a currency used for transactions, whereas Bitcoin would become used as a tool to store value. Ergo, this is why Litecoin was dubbed as silver for the cryptocurrency world, whereas Bitcoin was designated as gold.

In addition to all of this, cryptocurrency investors attempt to hedge their exposure by diversifying their portfolio of digital coins. As a result, approximately 18% of people buying Litecoin use Bitcoin, strengthening the demand for Litecoin and cementing it as a major player in the cryptocurrency space.

For all of these reasons, it should come as no surprise that the price of a single Litecoin is expected to hit the 1000 dollar mark, if not surpass it. The problem is the fact that other coins doing the same thing are growing, and take the market share as it happened with Ripple and Cardano in the last couple of weeks.

As already said, I am a bit confused, to be honest, and I don’t understand exactly why Litecoin value is so low. Because if I look at the number of coins versus market capitalization it’s easy to say that at 100 billion capitalizations the price could jump to $2,500, does it make sense?

3. Despite Any Optimistic Outlook, Making a Litecoin Price Prediction is Fraught with Uncertainty

Another factor with plenty of sway on the price of Litecoin, and all other cryptocurrencies for that matter, is governmental regulations, especially those of major players in the cryptocurrency space, like China, Japan, and the United States. The best case in point is how all of the cryptocurrencies plummeted after China decided to ban bitcoin and its brethren last September, causing all cryptocurrency exchanges to close up shop.

The natural question to ask at this point is to wonder to what extent any governmental institution can regulate the flow of Litecoin; after all, the whole point of cryptocurrencies is that they are decentralized. Yet, being decentralized doesn’t mean that Litecoin is above regulation. For instance, should the American government decide to prohibit any company from receiving payments in Litecoin, this could damage the digital currency’s value. Also, the government can close all cryptocurrency exchanges, which is what China did, or ban the importation and manufacturing of ASICs (Application Specific Integrated Circuits) along with other hardware necessary for mining coins. The bottom line is that the World’s governments aren’t as helpless as some will have you believe.

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Are Regulations Inevitable?

Although the powers might have a few tricks up their sleeve, does this mean that regulation is inevitable? In a sense, the answer is yes. To start with, the astounding growth enjoyed by several cryptocurrencies, most notably bitcoin, over the past couple of years has given rise to several imitators and scammers, including companies that issue misleading ICOs (Initial coin offerings, which is a whole other story). Moreover, despite a total cap of 252 billion dollars seeming insignificant when compared to the enormous size of the 1.2 quadrillion futures market, the cryptocurrency market is still significant enough to come up on the SEC’s and IRS’s radars.

As a matter of fact, during the writing of this article, it was announced that the IRS demanded of coinbase, the famous cryptocurrency exchange website, to give away the names of all the investors who have made trades that exceed 20,000 dollars in cryptocurrency over the past year. Consequently, it stands to reason that the bigger the market capitalization of cryptocurrencies becomes, the greater the impetus is to regulate them, rendering any Litecoin price predictions for 2018 suspect at best.

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So, where is Litecoin going in 2018? The truth is that nobody really knows. The best we can do is to make an educated guess based on both the past performance and the fundamentals. Therefore, whether it is the underlying technology or the price hike this year, we have reason to believe that Litecoin is expecting sunny days ahead of it. The flipside of that coin (pun intended) is that seeing as the technology is still very immature, there is no way of knowing how it will react when Uncle Sam lays down the law. It is safe to say that it can triple or even quadruple by the end of December 2019, finishing close to $200. 

To sum up, coming up with Litecoin price predictions for 2018 is a delicate topic that requires serious scrutiny from different angles, and no analysis can ever be exhaustive. Because of this, we would like to know if there is anything you’d like to add? Was there something we missed? Or do you agree with our analysis? Whatever you think, let us know in the comments below, and please don’t hesitate to shoot us a question if you have any.

What is your opinion about the Litecoin predictions for 2018? What price do you estimate for Litecoin? Thanks for reading!

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48 responses to “Top 3 Litecoin Price Predictions for 2018”

  1. ritchy says:

    ik denk : to the moon.

  2. David Fenelus says:

    Good read. I plan on buying the Litecoin to add to my cryptocurrency portfolio.

  3. Jigs says:

    Best anarchist investment. How did the banks screw America? Oh yeah with the government. Put your money into coin. Litecoin

  4. ari says:

    its coming off a lower base and has much faster capability than bitcoin so when it recovers it will recover much more quickly than bitcoin will

  5. BRDuPont says:

    Once the QE dollars printers stop(New FED coming in) any hyper-inflation, dollar devaluation, or war influence – the value of a buck – then Digital currency will be a thing…lets hope the regulators don’t screw it up. Blockchain development/use becoming more prevalent will help and with IBM, Microsoft, etc +++… investing money and are on board-Yes…

  6. Crypto Crackers says:

    Litecoin has the potiental to surpass Bitcoin within the next 5 years. Sit back and enjoy the ride everyone. My bets on litecoin.

  7. W says:

    It will soar to $5,000 (appox’ly 1/4 of BTC) by the end of 2018.

  8. Smyrna says:

    I still remember that when the President OBAMA became the President nobody want to invest , and most investors keep thier assets or thier money Pockets … In short words , they make money to spend a new money a new dollars … (Obamarica dollar in Washington DC) ….. as you are aware , EXPENSES in Flooded WAR BUSH time in IRAQ,and other related countries …. Medicals/ medecaid…budget for level 1,2,3 4 people are so expensive …… ( at that time no choice that they will need to make or grind thier own paper dollar money, ) if you don’t understand what I mean is Just do the REsearch ….

  9. iZNX says:

    I bought 3 just forgetting about them for now if anybody is good at cryptocurrencies I’d like to know more as Im not trynna be broke my whole life u get me. PLP Later gators.

  10. High_Nan says:

    I have placed my confidence in Litecoin. I have bought, and plan to hold for the long term. All of my other investments are in the American stock exchanges.

  11. Nik dervishev says:

    I like the litecoin much bether then the riplle rip off and my prediction for price is by the end of the year will reach around 900-1000 $ t.e will jump in price 3-4 times. I dont think litecoin will replace bitcoin but i think in the future the price of the litecoin will rise and will hit 4-5k in 4-5 years time

  12. JP says:

    I will hold my 61 coins for the next 5 years. Am least bothered if this becomes 0 and I have confidence on this LTC more than my anything else in crypto.

  13. Lite coin best long term investment I think but I also don’t understand why it wouldn’t replace bitcoin when it’s faster an has more coins to mine an low fees!

  14. Nick says:

    If you have coins hold on to them. Feb 27 2018 is the day.

  15. Alejandro Alvarado says:

    Silver means “plata”…that is cash..we dont use gold to buy bread..ltcs are cash..the key is the speed and cost of the traffic for the day to day transactions..prediction..value…higher that anybody see right now…

  16. Daryl Cook says:

    Litecoin all the way. I invite government regulations. Thank God the government is getting involved it is for the best in the lonh run. That fact is there is not enough regulations on alot of things in this world and people get rich off loop holes (cheating) like making 20k off of one day trade and not paying taxes and this is just one example of one person one trade. Millions can be made with out anyone paying taxes basically if this were not to be fixed then over the next 5-10 years our country would be closing down the government like every Friday lol and there would be a huuuuge division of the rich and the poor, lolol it’s silly to even think that the crypto world would not be regulated. I think this is obvious and litecoin among other are prepared for this. So like I said litecoin all the way

  17. Andy of Rougemont says:

    My brother got me started in crypto. I got my grandad in it, too. We have LTC!!! Holding onto it, and looking forward to a good future.

  18. jj says:

    1/5 to 1/4 of BTC
    $20,000 to $25,000 by year end. (BTC @ $100,000)
    *Do some research.
    (Discounting the impending Stock Market Crash.=-60 to -80%)
    Even then after…. Cash will flow into the crypto market after the carnage, when there is nowhere to run. (Consider holding a bit of Gold and Silver, too.)

  19. pasupalasivaramakrishnaiah says:

    I want to buy lite coins for this year ending.What price I can expect

  20. Sujoy GHOSH says:

    hahaha…. read the whole content… to be honest… if they (government) have plans to ban bitcoin… then bitcoin futures wouldnt have launched at all…. we will see growth with volatility… you will never when the price moved up.

  21. Robert says:

    Still creeping downward , how low $$$ before some of you think it will begin its rise for 2018 ?

    • Alexander says:

      Robert, no one knows about this. If you take a look at the charts you will notice that December 2018 will finish high, probably the value will double if not Triple.

  22. Stephen O' Neill says:

    I am holding 111 Litecoin’s so far and am hoping that it will be 1/4 of Bitcoin one day. I plan to HODL until 2028 (ten year investment).

    • Alexander says:

      Stephen, I am happy to see you think longterm. Not just in Crypto world but in every investment you need to be patient. Hope you can stick to your resolution!

  23. Makho says:

    I have made history and took leap of faith by opening an account and buy Litecoin. I am so looking forward to next week. My mentor has promised to call me in Tuesday. I am a novice here

  24. Jay says:

    Please is there anyone on here with the idea of how the mining of LTC works? I wanna be involved please.

  25. Martin us says:

    From now to December 2018 Litecoin will get to $5000 dollars. This is my prediction

    • Alexander says:

      Sounds a bit far-fetched in our opinion, Martin! For that to happen, Litecoin’s market cap should be higher than the current total market cap value.

  26. Jaimath Sharma says:

    how the hell do you know that the value of litecoin will increase, can you even vaguely support your answer???

  27. nik says:

    LItecoin is much better than BTC. Far more secure and faster. It had a smooth and fair launch with no premine or scams.
    Finally there are no coins kept by satoshi that could deregulate the market.

  28. Marius says:

    Im a holder/supporter of Ltc . And honestly in normal and logic condition LTC must by on the place of BCH .( the scam/fraud of Roger ver whit the sustain of big Holder like Coinbase bittrex.etc..

    • Alexander says:

      Marius, I totally agree. Unfortunately not all investors think like that. As you have seen the price went down to $50. Is not just about LTC, is about the entire market. Should the capitalisation go up, the LTC price will go up as well. Good luck!

  29. TOEFUR says:


    • Alexander says:

      She has reasons to be for sure. Is not ok to invest ALL YOUR CASH in a single coin, in such a volatile market!

  30. Lucas says:

    It’s September now and Litecoin is down to $65. It has 3 months and 29 days to get up to the “safe to say” price target of close to $200. I hear others saying $300 and aggressive ones saying $1000. With almost 4 months left to go it’s hard to believe that it’s going to hit the hundreds with its current downtrend. But it’s just my opinion.

    • Alexander says:

      Right now indeed it seems impossible but take a look at last year, same period. December 2018 will be very important for the price.
      Also, a very important aspect is the SEC news from the 30th of September 2018. You might see a price drop in October 2018 as well if the SEC refuses to approve Bitcoin ETF. Enjoy the ride!

  31. arvind says:

    any hope?

    • Alexander says:

      Keep calm and hodl, is the best I can say at this point. We all know how valuable is Litecoin and how useful and faster it is. Is just a matter of time until other investors will find about it. In the end is all about many people will really use it in real life, not just as an investment.

  32. Andrew says:

    Thanks for sharing this informative post. I love to read about cryptocurrencies. Keep posting!

  33. a_tamimi says:

    all predictions are nothing but illusions on some people’s minds. No one person knows what the future holds on speculative market. Above all, a lot of noobs are the cause of this crash now 92% down from beginning of the year. HOLD strategy applies only if you believe in LTC technology, adoption, and its usefulness as long term investments with the amount of money you are WILLING to LOOSE and wont impact you financially,

    Holding, is in my opinion, should not be your only strategy if you want to take the crypto market as an investment route.

    While in bear market: I hold what I don’t pay for and make sure I scalp what I paid for holding until reversal, I may keep money longer until major corrections.

    I really wish and hope i am wrong, but I would *guess* that LTC is not reversing to bull market this year. Full disclosure, I too have LTC on my cold wallets until 2022 or more.

  34. CryptoFiend says:

    Well it’s Oct 17, 2018 and price of LTC is $52. I don’t see how it’ll reach $200 anytime soon…=(

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