Best Money Clip: 10 Options to Secure Your Cash 2024 -

Best Money Clip: 10 Options to Secure Your Cash

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If you travel regularly to places that require you to carry cash, you know the struggle of trying to fit a bulky wallet into your pocket. That’s why many people are turning to money clips: the simple, fashionable bands that tightly hold money in place without the added weight and crowding of a traditional leather wallet. Combining function and fashion, the best money clips are almost undetectable while keeping your money just as secure as in a wallet.

For those who want the best of both worlds, money clip wallets are becoming more popular and combine a thin wallet for holding important cards and documents with an exterior money clip that keeps the money secure and easily accessible. The best money clip wallets take up less than half the space of a traditional wallet and keep all your important items in one place. They’re a popular option for those who want added protection for credit cards but don’t want to have to open a wallet every time they need cash.

Finding the best money clip or money clip wallet is equal parts style and carrying needs, and the field is growing fast. That’s why here at Investing PR, we’ve put together a list of the ten best money clips and money clip wallets on the market today. Read on to discover the best money clip to keep your money secure and your pockets spacious.

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Best Money Clip FAQ

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What Are the Best Money Clips Made From?

Do the Best Money Clips Come in Different Colors?

How Much Money Can the Best Money Clips Hold?

Are the Best Money Clip Wallets Lightweight?

Where Can I Buy the Best Money Clips?

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How We Reviewed

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The following money clips and money clip wallets were reviewed based on the following parameters: carrying capacity, sturdiness, ease of opening, ease of fitting in a pocket, exterior appearance, and additional features like anti-theft protection.

Overall Price Range

The ten money clips and money clip wallets on this list range in price from $8 to $40. More expensive models tend to have more carrying capacity and come with extra features like RFID protection for credit cards.

What We Reviewed

[amazon box=”B07CQ3KY5B”]


A simple carbon fiber clip that holds your money firmly in place, this has a chic and stylish matte design that comes in six colors: black, black/grey, blue 3K, gold, green, silver, and silver 3K. It’s the perfect choice if you want to keep all your items in one place. It holds money, credit cards, and other items in one convenient clip, keeping everything visual. The clip is one of the firmest we tested, which is both a positive and negative as it can take some effort to pull items free, and it has patent-pending technology that blocks magnetic and radio signals from reading your credit card details.

[amazon box=”B07NXW5ZBM”]


From popular wallet company House of Jack, this combination money clip and wallet is a great compromise choice for anyone who wants to carry more items without the space of a full wallet. It’s praised for its organization, making it perfect if you’re carrying the essentials with six interior card slots and two pockets for receipts. It has a card slot and a metal money clip on the outside, and the exterior has an ID window with an easy-removal window to makes it easy to pull your ID out for security.

[amazon box=”B01M1HNJ8O”]


Coming in seven colors – black, stainless steel, gold, matte, brushed stainless steel, pink, and purple matte – this is one of the most functional choices thanks to a money clip on one side and a card slot on the other for ID or credit cards. It has a capacity of five cards, so it’s ideal for those who have minimal travel needs. Made from carbon fiber with a metallic finish, it’s one of the sturdiest clips on the list and has a long life without weakening its grip on your money, but it’s also one of the most expensive options.

[amazon box=”B07KY1T15Q”]


Ideal for anyone who’s ready to stop carrying a bulky wallet every day but still wants the capacity to safely carry their regular supplies, this money clip wallet fits easily in your front pocket without causing an unsightly bulge. It’s one of the lightest carbon fiber clips on the list, but it does have one of the smaller capacities. It’s ideal for the person who needs to carry a small clip of money and a few cards and IDs. The RFID-blocking technology protects your cards from being read by spies while not interfering with older cards.

[amazon box=”B073R2SRYM”]


The lowest-cost money clip on the list, this leather clip uses magnets to secure your money. The leather isn’t firm, but each end has a magnet that, when connected, holds your money and cards in place. Next to the money clip is a trio of card slots ideal for holding your needed credit cards and an ID window that exposes your ID’s details for security checks. The money clip comes in eight rustic color options and the company donates a portion of every purchase to the Children’s Hunger Fund.

[amazon box=”B0787W5PDX”]


One of the more fashionable choices on the list, the FIDELO minimalist wallet is an open-sided credit card holder with room for up to fifteen cards, combined with a quartet of money clip bands to hold a pack of cash. The bands come in four colors: midnight black, charcoal gray, rocky ridge gray, and royal blue. The capacity for holding money and credit cards is among the best on the list, but assembling this wallet is trickier than some of the other options.

[amazon box=”B07228YTHF”]


If you want a fashionable choice to hold your money, the low-cost Kinzd model comes in over two dozen color options, making it easy to switch out your money clip to match your outfit or mood. Durable, handcrafted, and with a one-year replacement guarantee, these reinforced leather clips come with five card spots including a V-shaped spot for your ID with the front visual. The money clip uses strong magnets to secure your cash, and the wallet comes with RFID-blocking technology for added security.

[amazon box=”B01BJUVINW”]


This mid-priced model uses a magnetic money clip that’s easy to fasten and undo, making it perfect if you need cash in hurry. The wallet is made from one hundred percent tanned leather, and the slim design easily first into your pocket. It has one of the best capacities of any clip on this list, holding up to eight credit cards and ten bills. The card slots use RFID blocking fabric to protect you from hackers, and the wallet comes with a one-year replacement guarantee.

[amazon box=”B012CR9IJW”]


Timberland is one of the most trusted names in outdoor fashion, and this lightweight clip has a big fanbase among campers who only take the bare essentials with them on a trip. Made from a hundred percent leather, it’s a durable and sleek option that delivers the quality associated with the Timberland names. Its capacity is smaller than the average, carrying four credit cards, and it comes in brown, dark brown, and black.

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[amazon box=”B017TZNS0C”]


A stainless steel money clip with among the best tensile strength ratings on the list, this one combines sophistication with functionality. The clip can hold up to fifteen bills or five credit cards, but it’s strong enough to hold even a single bill securely. The steel clip folds securely and can fit into a front pocket without attracting attention.

The Verdict

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All ten money clips on this list delivered superior performance and held money and credit cards securely. However, only one clip on this list promised RFID protection, superior carrying capacity, easy use, and a replacement guarantee – and it was one of the lowest-priced options on the list. We give our highest possible endorsement to the Kindz money clip as the best money clip on the market today.

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