Top 3 Ripple Price Predictions for 2018 -

Top 3 Ripple Price Predictions for 2018

(Updated October 2018) Promising “to do for money what the internet has done for information,” Ripple, a cryptocurrency introduced to the world in 2012, is set to disrupt the banking industry in an unprecedented way. Not only is Ripple a coin of value, but it is also a payment processing system that is meant to overthrow the current incumbent system serving banks ever since 1973, the SWIFT system.

It is for this reason that Ripple has been adopted by several large banks, including UBS and Credit Agricole. Due to this wide adoption by public investors, large venture capitalists, and big banks, Ripple has the third largest market capitalization within the cryptocurrency space, standing at 18 billion dollars. Where this capitalization will go from here is anyone’s guess. Nevertheless, we can make a few educated Ripple price predictions for 2018 based off of the information we have today.

Top 3 Ripple Price Predictions for 2018

Probably you are here because Ripple is now at $0.45 when exactly one month ago was at $0.27 but soon spiked to $0.59 around September 23rd; 8 months ago it was a little over $1 and in January 2018 Ripple stood at $3.28. Let’s not forget that one year ago today Ripple was $0.257. Before we delve into the topic at hand, it is important to understand the difference between Ripple and other cryptocurrencies as well as how this difference might affect Ripple’s price moving forward. To start with, although cryptocurrencies are built on blockchain technology to combat the double-spend problem, the way this blockchain technology functions differs from one cryptocurrency to another. For instance, Bitcoin uses what is known as proof of work (PoW) to validate a block, whereas other cryptocurrencies, most notably DASH, use an algorithm called proof of stake (PoS).

Remarkably, Ripple uses neither proof of work nor proof of stake. Instead, it uses a unique consensus protocol that is more scalable than anything Bitcoin has to offer. To put matters into perspective, while Bitcoin can process seven transactions per second, Ripple has the ability to process 1500 transactions in the same second. Furthermore, this scalability is complimented with speed. In other words, a single transaction on the Bitcoin network can take up to 60 minutes to process, but the same transaction on the Ripple network will be done in a matter of seconds.

However, Ripple’s true genius lies in its ability to refurbish an old method for modern purposes. As a matter of fact, Ripple relies on a system for its payment processing that is reminiscent of the Medieval process of “Hawala,” where financial intermediaries were used to making payments and remittances seem instantaneous. What’s even more interesting is that the Ripple network can be used to trade any asset with any other asset. Consequently, just as two people dealing in two different currencies can interact through the Ripple network seamlessly, two people holding entirely different asset classes, let’s say gold and agricultural products, for example, can perform a trade on the spot, so long as there are intermediaries who are willing to facilitate this transaction.

Naturally, you should be wondering what this all costs. After all, a network that can help you trade in any asset class, at any time, and at near instant speed must cost an arm and a leg in transaction costs, right? Yet, this is not the case. Transaction costs are minimal, and they are incurred to prevent someone from spamming the network (which means that these transaction costs are used to make sure that people performing a transaction are serious about it, rather than just overloading the network for their own malicious purposes). Interestingly, the money deducted during every transaction is destroyed altogether. Regardless, you shouldn’t worry because the total amount of Ripple coins that will be issued is 100 billion dollars, so losing a fraction of a fraction of that during every transaction is a minuscule price to pay.

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Now that the stage is set, here are the top three Ripple price predictions for 2018.

1. A Ripple Coin May Reach Five Dollars or Even Hit the 10 Dollar Range

When I first wrote this article the price of a single Ripple was hovering around the 70 to 85 cents region. It was at $3.8 and now is back in the 45 cents region. With the news coming from South Korea saying that they will ban cryptocurrencies it’s hard to do any predictions. What I can say is that it can easily go back to $3.8 since in the last few months from total market cap almost 600 billion USD disappeared. If those big players come again into the game it can even go to $5. You can do the math by yourself using the number of coins, the price, and the market cap. It’s hard to go higher because, at $7, the capitalization would be higher than bitcoin, I doubt.  

We have to agree that Ripple superior technology makes it an excellent candidate to replace the antiquated SWIFT system, resulting in more and more banks getting on board the Ripple train. Over and above, there have been rumors that Coinbase, the famous cryptocurrency exchange, is planning on adding Ripple to its list of tradable coins come mid-2018. Considering the fact that Ripple is now in the third spot as cryptocurrency this prediction is close to real. Should these rumors be true, this would make Ripple more accessible to public investors, which should increase its adoption rate. Hence, five, or even close to $7 dollars is a fair Ripple price prediction for the beginning of 2019.

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2. If Ripple Manages to Become the De Facto Payment Processor for Banks, It Is Possible for Ripple to Hit the 20 Dollar Mark

Although this prediction is a bit more forward-looking than 2018, this year will dictate how things play out in the future. In other words, in the event of Ripple delivering on its promises of speed, scalability, and low transaction costs, it should come as no surprise when several banks decide to switch to this powerful platform and start relying on it. If that’s happening, for sure the price will increase. It really depends on how many people will invest, if the total market cap would jump to 1.5 trillion USD for sure there is room to climb for Ripple.

To get a sense of how big a market this is, it is worth knowing that the U.S. Treasury estimates that the SWIFT system facilitates the transfer of 5 trillion dollars a day, which roughly translates to 1.25 quadrillion dollars a year! With a quadrillion dollar market that is ripe for the picking, it would come as no surprise if someone accused our Ripple price predictions for 2018 of being conservative. Don’t forget that it can be very risky. If after implementation something goes wrong with these transactions it will fall for sure!

3. Like Everything Else, Ripple Has Some Downsides That Cast a Shadow on Its Otherwise Bright Future

Apart from all the problems that plague the whole cryptocurrency space, which we’ve covered in our Bitcoin price predictions for 2018, Ripple has its own issues to struggle with. For one thing, its future supply of 100 billion coins may pose a hindrance to the appreciation of this currency. In comparison, Bitcoin is planned to have 21 million coins total, and Ethereum is destined to max out at 100 million, allegedly.

To complicate matters further, Ripple’s position as the preferred payment processor for banks may alienate some of the more mainstream investors. After all, plenty of avid fans of blockchain and what it stands for (decentralized currencies and all that) decried a cryptocurrency meant to support the banks.


Ripple is a budding cryptocurrency that is showing plenty of promise. Regardless, similar to other digital coins, its price has been experiencing some volatility, though nothing compared to what Bitcoin has been going through lately. Given its advanced technology and reliable infrastructure, Ripple is expected to shoot past several other cryptocurrencies, and if banks adopt this technology as several experts are predicting, the sky is the limit. With that said, the abundant supply of Ripple coins along with the networks focus on serving the banks may prove problematic.

As always, making Ripple price predictions for 2018 is a very tricky subject, and a lot of it is speculative. Yet, it is always important to make do with what we have. Bearing that in mind, tell us what you think in the comments below, and let us know whether you think we missed anything. Also, how do you think Ripple compares to other cryptocurrencies? Would you invest in it, or do you have your eyes set on another coin?

What is your opinion about the Ripple predictions for 2018? What price do you estimate for Ripple? Thanks for reading!

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79 responses to “Top 3 Ripple Price Predictions for 2018”

  1. Shaun says:

    Bought ripple today, expect it to double by March

  2. Aaron Sontag says:

    Sorry to dissapoint, but it only took 2 days. Lets see wher we are in March!

  3. Peter says:

    I just bought 100K

  4. Chandra says:

    How do we buy Ripple, thru what site?

  5. Ashish says:

    Can I buy more or sell

  6. AP says:

    I planned to quit work and tell my boss he can go code himself, if it quadrupled. Now its a bitter sweet feeling… So near yet so far.

  7. Ranga says:

    What are the options (& simplest one) to buy ripple in US ?

  8. Santa says:

    How can I buy ripple? And which wallet is the best to keep ripple safe.

  9. CNMarius says:


    please tell me what platform you use for buy ripple. Thanks

  10. MattyIce says:

    I invested when Ripple (XRP) was at $0.21. I am absolutely floored at its recent drive. Seems to be settling around $2.10. I expect that it wont do much for the next few days. I would prefer that South Korea would not put a bunch of restrictions on Cryptocurrencies. That seems to slow Ripple’s up swing. IF coinbase starts to allow purchase of Ripple directly expect large gains quickly. Rumor is that is happening first quarter of this year.

  11. Mike says:

    XRP/USD will easily reach $100 by the end of the year. Not because I believe it should, or it’s worth it or any of that nonsense. This is the spitting image of the dot com boom and the ripple chart looks identical to many charts I have archived from that time frame. It will go much higher. I just hope I don’t wait too long to sell.

  12. allen nocon says:

    How can I buy Ripple?

    • John says:

      Buy litecoin or ethereum on coinbase via creditcard, transfer to binance, and then buy xrp

    • Himu says:

      From binance

    • philip pitts says:

      bittrex or cryptopia….. go ahead and make an account now

    • NEIL says:

      buy bitcoin on coin base and deposit it to binance and after transfer is success exchange it for XRP. simple procedure max limit $750 with a credit card instantly under 15 min. With a bank account buying on coin base in app 10 days.

    • Dara says:

      you can buy ripple on binance app

    • Nick says:

      Sign up through Coinbase and get verified. Once done sign up through binance. After that buy a cryptocurrency through Coinbase (suggest litecoin due to trading fees) and transfer it to binance. Once your “litecoin” is tranfered to binance trade it for bitcoin. Once you have bitcoin you can trade it for ripple on binance.

    • Ruben says:

      Allen nocon, for example you can buy it on Plus500

    • markus says:

      On binance, where i bought mine, had some errors with google auth but with authy app it worked directly. Damn my money is sky rocketing. I think ill buy more =)

    • tj says:

      create an account through coinbase,
      Purchase bitcoin on coinbase.
      Send your bitcoin to another platform that carries ripple. (Binance,Gatehub.etc…)
      Purchase ripple with your bitcoin!

    • PPan says:

      buy bitcoin on coinbase and use shapeshift to exchange it for ripple

      • Alexander from InvestingPR says:

        It depends where you are from. Coinbase does not support some countries. You can try Luno as the account is checked in 3 days. As for exchanges Binance and yes Shapeshift should be ok.

  13. Zafar Yaqoob says:

    Thanks for this article Buy can You please tell me how can I buy Ripple through USD, I know how to buy ripple through Bitcoins But I want to know buy with USD also How to buy with ripple with PayPal.

    • VIL says:

      try kraken

    • Nicolle says:

      To my knowledge you can not buy Ripple with USD yet. I have read they are working on it but currently the only way is to buy another crypto and transfer to a wallet that supports Ripple like bitsane or binance then by Ripple with it. Huge pain but making money is worth a hassle

  14. Richard K says:

    I don’t know if I think right or not, but I guess that someone will correct me in that case 😉

    Many say that the amount of xrp, 100B is to much.
    But if ripple aim for the swift market that is about $5 trillion a day, then 100 billion is to little.
    How much must a xrp be worth in $ to cover the need of $5 trillion?

    Even with a small % of the swift market make a big need of xrp cash flow to make it work.

    As I see it one xrp must be around $1000 to $10000.

    Do i think right?

    • Alexander from InvestingPR says:

      Richard I am afraid I don’t agree. At this point a lot of the ripple is not in the market. Imagine, 2 people are having 66% Ripple. If they decide to put it on the market price will drop. Also, the capitalisation is very important and thats why it can’t go to $1,000. Even if the market cap for Ripple would be at 700 billion USD which is the total, the price would be still lower. The problem is that when the banks do the transfer they dont actually need the Ripple coin to do it.

      • Richard K says:

        Alexander, thank you for your input.

        I understand what you mean about potential problem if they drop all the tokens directly out on the market.
        But i dont think they will, their business with the banks and other financial institutes seem to be a too serious business they won’t risk to hurt or determine.

        About the xrp needed or not for transactions, there are a little unclear and different info about that. Some say that only the ripple protocol is needed. But its also said that every transaction will be made with a fraction of xrp fee. That fraction is also a loss of xrp that will no longer exist, like selfdestruction.

        Do you mean that xrp after all won’t be needed and that fee will be paid with US$ or what currency?

        If its like that, then the xrp must get a fixed price, otherwise transactionfee can be unlimited or at least compared with todays swift fees.

        So that’s why i think that xrp will be needed for transactions with ripple. At least in the future when the test periods is made and those who test it now will change to ripple.

        I hope that you understand what i mean.

  15. Johnny says:

    Hey, where would you suggest to buy ripple asap? For example, Bitstamp has a 2-week verification queue.

    • Alexnder from InvestingPR says:

      Johnny, there is not much you can do actually.It depends on the amount you would like to invest. If its under euro 5,000 you can set up an account on, they will verify your account in 3 business days. After that you just use an exchange. Good luck and let us know how it went.

  16. salem says:

    it will go to 1550 $ within 3 years time

  17. jason Giorgini says:

    With lucky it’s just 4$ end of this year

  18. Nik dervishev says:

    I read some remarks above and i was amased how people can be so greedy and thinking just about profits and nothing else. Before you speculate about price in the future, you have think about supply and demend.
    1. Curently there are close to 40 billion ripples on the market with price 1.6 $ as 19/1 /2018; yesterday ripple crussed to 0.8 $ but today recovered; market capitalisations is 100 billion. Someone above predicted the price of the ripple to jump even on 1000 $. This could happen if ripple was like ethernium – just 100 million coins… but there are 1000 times more ripples then ethernium… price of ethernium is 1000 $ at the moment … so the price of the ripple is about 1$… just right. Now ripple market is little over 30 billion, so the price ti rise to 3 $, has to double… someone to put other 30 000 000 000 billion in the market ( with relising more coins on the market)
    2. The use of the coin
    Ripple is made to be use by banks… thats stands agains all virtuals coins… t.e. decentrilised capitalist system. Now ripple is use by some banks to makes banks transfers but people have to think what will happen when the banks come near future with their own online systems for payment-ripple will be wortless. I didnt heared any coin build on ripple platform- like ethernium, or with open blockchain code like bitcoin for example. Outside banks sector ripple is total rubbish.
    3. Is very hard to make a prediction of a price, expecially when the coin is not minable. There are close to 40 bilion coins on the market and there are other 60 billion in the hands of the greeedy developers. I read some post by the people behind ripple… and they was saying… they will relise 200 million ripples every mount. Just feew mount ago was about 35 billion ripple in circulations and now is over 3 000 0000 000 billion more ripple just in less then 60 days… with this saturation of the market i wouldnt be supprise to see 60 000 0000 000 ( 60 billions) coin circulatings on the markets by end of year.What will happen when all 100 000 000 000 ( 100 billion) coins start to surculate on the market? Anyone who stady a little chemistry in school know what happen when you start puting salt in a glass of water. In the begining water saturated the salt but then later cant take anymore and is oversatureted.That what will hapen with reapple when all the coins will be realise
    3. My final prediction on price of ripple for 2018 is 1 $ with low cap of 0.5 $ and max cap of 2$ depends of coins ciculation on the market. 2019 pipple prediction 1 ripple =0.0 $ why? simple- banks will come with their own online curency and riple will be usless.
    I you want to invest in digital curency i will sudject bitcoin and my prediction for bitcoin price by end of 2018 is 45k +
    stay way from ripple… will woth nothing near future

    • Alexander says:

      Nik, looks like you took a lot of your time and did a lot of research to write this valuable comment. Thank you very much!

    • Link says:

      Guys don’t trust this man someone has paid him to write all this crap. I’m not sure if this is a man or kid the math he do is completely wrong! Look at the numbers he does not know how match is a million and billion “3 000 0000 000 billion”. He is talking about the growth of the circulating supply in billions but it growth in millions. Just open web archiv and check out site before 4 months.
      Circulating supply then : 38,531,538,922
      Circulating supply now : 38,739,142,811
      Circulating supply growth: 207 603 889 (approximately 50 000 000 per month or 0.53% per month)
      THIS IS NOTHING! 0.53% down every month. Funny ripple has go up from 0.2$ to 3.5$ in three weeks this make 17400% Lets do now the proper math: before 10 days the total market cap was by 830 billions and the market cap of ripple was by 130 billions (3.5$). Last year same time the total market cap was 20 billions so we have 4050% growth. So if we have this year only 100% growth of the total market cap and ripple own 260 billions from it we will be at 7$. Think about this only 100% growth agains 4050% last year. Even if max supply reach 100% (100 000 000 000) BUT THIS WILL NOT HAPPEN! we will be by 2.6$. What if the total market cap go up with 1000% and reach 8.5 trillions 🙂 90% of the alt coins don’t have even a working solutions they are on whitepapers only 🙂 Ripple has everything working network, very good dev team and not only, perfect roadmap, Q reports, announcements, partners of the greatest magnitude, etc …

    • Spencer Ntow says:

      We call this zero research , ripple labs only released 1 billion xrp units at the beginning of every new month becuase they locked up 55 billion xrp into an escrow account to be used for contract basis , which will be purchased by major financial institutions such as banks and payment providers for making cross border payments , don’t get me twisted , go back and read ripples white paper well or do your research well before posting fake news to the crypto community , at the end of every month any unsold amount of xrp will be locked back to the escrow account , the price of ripple will be absolutely insane when scarcity sets into the market , because ripple labs themselves have no control over the xrp units stored in the escrow account ,quote ,they will never flood the market with excess coins , becuase the contract is made to last for 55 months ,you have no idea of what you just posted , if ripple is solving a multitrillion dollar problem and banks have 27 trillion dollars sitting in nostro accounts , this tells you the xrp asset will be an alternative in reducing the friction and loss incured by such financial institutions, which amounts to 1.6 trillion dollars annually , do your math .100 billion xrp tokens won’t even be enough , this could drive the price up than any other crypto currency we have today , ripples price will be driven by its utility , the most scable liquidity provider to process 1500 transactions within seconds , 1.2 quadrillion for ripples market cap within 1 and half year is going to be possible and Xrp price will be 12000 dollars , lots of tears are going to flow from people’s eyes becuase they did not invest into ripple , they chose to invest into shit coins like bitconnect and devoir coin which has no use case or end goal , ponzy schemes made to rip people off ,who are new and never made their research well before investing to a coin

  19. BSR says:

    ripple go back to 0.02 if many banks adapt it . They will decide the price whenever they want to use .

    • Tom says:

      I call BS, since the higher the price, the less XRP are being spent, which means that also the fee is lower, that need to pay for the transaction….

  20. Arman says:

    Ripple is going to be adopted by some big banks which will rise the price by 5-6$ in 2018.

  21. ME says:

    I’ve definitely invested. Just a heads up to do your homework. There are some scammers out there. Cryptorobot 365, Tradeinvest 90 etc which are fake and take your money.

  22. Shane6919 says:

    I just started I had some problems getting my account verified. So i’m a little behind I tried to purchase in Nov when the price was around $0.31, so I missed a chance but I’m sticking with it, I’m not gonna brag and say I bought 100k I don’t have that type of money. I got about 300 bucks worth and am hoping to have 5000 coins by the end of the year.

  23. HappyLuke says:

    Ripple is centralize coin i don’t invest on it,

  24. Jesus yikes says:

    I wonder if nik’s comment includes the up and coming global 3rd world markets in his prediction.
    Would this have any effect on those calculations? Just a question.

  25. Anthony says:

    Ripple will be lucky to hit $3.80 talking aud dollars by the end of this year.Why because ripple is now at $1.21 with a market cap of 37.50 billion which means to hit $3.80 dollars the capital market would need to be 4 times 37.50 billion which I dont believe it would increase that much in one year. So $ 10 forget it probably in 3 years.Bit coin market cap 168 billions.All my comments are in aud dollars
    if you think I am wrong please leave me a comment

    • Alexander says:

      You are not wrong Anthony. Your math is correct. You need to look at it as a long term investment.

  26. Nick C says:

    I agree that releasing the 60,000,000,000 will dilute Ripple in a big way, but i just have to say…..Nice Spelling Nik dervishev

  27. G says:

    Ripple is A MAJOR BIG FAT FLOP it will never go to the TOP !

    DogeCoin is the same it is a losers game !

  28. KANE says:

    I don’t know if I think right or not, but I guess that someone will correct me in that case

    Many say that the amount of xrp, 100B is to much.
    But if ripple aim for the swift market that is about $5 trillion a day, then 100 billion is to little.
    How much must a xrp be worth in $ to cover the need of $5 trillion?

    Even with a small % of the swift market make a big need of xrp cash flow to make it work.

    As I see it one xrp must be around $1000 to $10000.

    Do i think right?

  29. D says:

    Well, let me put it to you this way! early in 2010 I was contemplating suicide. I was on the dark web to buy some very powerful termination drugs to kill myself with! the only way I could buy them was, to buy Bitcoin. So I bought $2,000 worth of bitcoin for pennies on the dollar.. years later after getting out of my depression state. I decided not to use the stuff that I bought on the dark web and kill myself.. I sold the bitcoin last year for 64 million dollars!!! I’ve already bought 5 million dollars worth of Ripple, and plan on buying 5 million more and the next 30 days!! isn’t it ironic how life works out sometimes? the money is nice to have, even though I still go threw some very depressing days! I haven’t even told my family or my wife of 30 years.. just keeping it all secret for now.. hell, I still live in a double wide mobile home for God’s sake! but anyway cryptocurrency has saved my life!!!!
    I bet you didn’t think you’d read a story like that? but it’s true! never give up guys, you don’t know what life is going to throw you next?? signing out for now. Big D, from Florida

    • Alexander says:

      If its true Big D thats an amazing story. I am glad you were so inspired when made that investment! Hope your depressing days will be over soon!

  30. Abdulvahed Amooei Ojaki says:

    I hold some small amount of Ripple and I am not really an expert on any coins and or on what I am going to say…as for south korea banning of crytocurrency …i think something on the future political development in Korean peninsula is missed and should be considered..and I think possible Unification of south and north koreas in the near future may have some bad or good effects on all things including cryptocurrencies and of course Ripple
    I am from Iran. Ojaksar village

    • Alexander says:

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts! Indeed you dont know exactly what will happen and when will happen. What we can say for sure is that long term investments bring ROI and yield.

  31. The future says:

    Invested 60k in ripple today hopefully millionaire by this time next yr

  32. Koen Tuinbeek says:

    I think Nik has to go back to school. Bitcoin has no underlying value as ripple has. The banks software is very old and they never invested anything in the development of new software. Now ripple came in the market with xcurrent and xrap. Only xrp is used in xrap. The money market is the biggest market in the world, with a turnover of 7. 1 trillion dollars a day. My price prediction is bitcoin will go to 0 and ripple will be one of the few serviving companies!

  33. Dennis says:

    I think ripple awareness us just began. With more companies and banks jumping onboard especially when ripple proves itself in the long will definitely cause ripple you increase in value. As far as price no one knows where it will go till it does it. Allot if factors involved here. I am invested in XRP so let’s sit back and enjoy the ride.

    • Alexander says:

      Denis, you are right, its hard to predict. Time will tell us exactly what will happen. For sure XRP is faster and cheaper.

  34. The future says:

    ill be 60 years old soon iv seen a lot in my life time man land on the moon the first tv post a letter with a stamp then someone invented email i used to get payed in cash now i have a debt card take a look at the past no look into the future AI driveless cars bitcoin bitcoin cash and ripple people belive in bitcoin but that can change bitcoin cash has a brighter future than bitcoin and ripple vs swift if bank decide to drop swift and us ripple rxp ripple will sky rocket wind the clook to 1960 take a look at the past and have a good look at whats installed past 2020

    • Alexander says:

      Thanks for your valuable comment! Personally I dont think Bitcoin cash has a brighter future than Bitcoin.

  35. David Poole says:

    I’ve seen ripple @.17 and at 3.50 and I didn’t purchase it until it went down to .50. I now own 1500 ripple and plan to own another 1500 buy the end of Sept. I think Coinbase will allow ripple on their exchange and Amazon will use Ripple for their oversea payment service and I expect that Asia will come back to cryptocurrency and ripple will climb to 100.00 ea. So everyone that wants an investment that has a lot in its favor in just one year then Ripple is your best bet. So buy now before it all starts. I missed the first one but I will not miss another one!!!

  36. ghulam mujtaba says:

    Though this currency is the best among the competitors regarding its technology(cost effective,gives financial services,uses latest block chain technology) but the only question mark arises when i see at its quantity, i.e. in tons of billions.
    is there any answer to share?

  37. oluwatudux says:

    I’m from Nigeria, I read everyone comment carefully and now I highly decided that I’m buying ripple… life is all about risk… Good luck everyone. thank you

    • Alexander says:

      hey, considering yesterdays news regarding Ripple, looks like you have made a wise choice. Are you planning to sell now with a 20% growth or are you going to wait until it gets back at $3.8?

  38. Romes says:

    I’m in with 2400XRP at @.29, let’s see where this year ends. Good luck everyone.

  39. XRProf says:

    Let’s think of it this way: there is smart money and there is dumb fear-of-missing-out money (FOMO). The vast majority of money in the crypto markets if FOMO money, and that is still sitting in the “first big thing,” Bitcoin. Some of it is in Ethereum and Litecoin because they are sold on Coinbase. However, Bitcoin’s long-term utility is limited because its continued growth depends on replacing fiat currency. Ethereum has long-term utility, but not much actual use for its intended purpose thus far.

    Ripple, by contrast, has mostly smart money and very little FOMO money because of the multiple steps needed to buy it (see all the questions here about how to buy XRP). FOMO money is just starting to take notice of it. It is gaining widespread use by banks, and Xrapid (which does use XRP, unlike Xcurrent) could help it replace SWIFT transfers altogether. That would be compounded by a boatload of FOMO coming out of Bitcoin, especially if Coinbase adds XRP.

    Crypto is not only about the actual use cases for each “coin.” It is about where the dumb money (FOMO) is going next. I think it’s going to be XRP, and those of us who got in early will benefit from the hordes who come after us.

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