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75 Largest Hedge Funds in the World

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For anyone who is interested in the investment and finance market, an important topic to discover is related to the largest hedge funds in the world. These companies are dedicated to insurance and investments, and they all deliver high-quality services on a global scale.

If you want to discover everything there is to know about hedge funds and the major names of hedge funds, just read through our top 75 largest hedge funds in the world.

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75. Nephila Capital

Owner: Nephila Holdings Limited

Based: Bermuda

Founded: 1977

Assets: $10 billion

Located on the exotic island of Bermuda, Nephila Capital takes its name from a hurricane-predicting spider which lives in the tropical area. Nephila Capital is one of the largest hedge fund companies specialized in reinsurance risk.


74. HBK Capital Management

Owner: Employee Owned

Based: Dallas

Founded: 1991

Assets: $9.7 billion

HBK Capital Management is a unique hedge fund company, which only invests a small part of its total assets. The Texas-based fund is currently among the largest hedge funds in the world, employing over 180 people.


73. Beach Point Capital Management

Owner: Employee Owned

Based: Santa Monica

Founded: 2009

Assets: $9.86 billion

The Beach Point Capital Management has had a stellar evolution in just a few years of existence. Only one year after its founding, Beach Point Capital Management achieved the position of the 83rd largest hedge fund in the world, with an estimated AUM of over $9 billion.


72. Cerberus Capital Management

Owner: Steve Feinberg

Based: New York

Founded: 1992

Assets: $30 billion

Founded 24 years ago by Steve Feinberg, Cerberus Capital Management is currently on the list of largest hedge funds in the United States. This private equity firm is mainly specialized in distressed investing.


71. Carlson Capital

Owner: Employee Owned

Based: Dallas

Founded: 1993

Assets: $20.59 billion

Another Texas-based company, Carlson Capital is based on a three principles: philosophy, people and process. Founder Clint Carlson was among the largest hedge fund managers in the United States when he built the company in 1993.


70. Coatue Management

Owner: Philippe Laffont

Based: New York

Founded: 1999

Assets: $ 14.38 billion

Phillippe Laffont is the visionary entrepreneur behind Coatue Management. He has used his experience to create and manage this technology-oriented company, that is currently ranking high on any of the largest hedge funds list or top.


69. Tiger Global Management

Owner: Charles (Chase) Coleman III

Based: New York

Founded: 2001

Assets: $20 billion

Owned by one of the youngest, most successful businessmen, Chase Coleman III, Tiger Global Management is among the 100 largest hedge funds worldwide. With over 60 employees, Tiger Global Management is a success story in the financial and investment sector.


68. CarVal Investors

Owner: Cargill Incorporated

Based: Minnesota

Founded: 1987

Assets: $10 billion

Managing to survive and even take advantage of the financial crisis, this experienced hedge fund company is focused on credit-intensive and distressed assets. CarVal Investors benefits from a team of professionals who steered the company in the right way even in the harshest financial times.


67.  Pine River Capital Management

Owner: Brian Taylor

Based: Minnetonka

Founded: 2002

Assets: $14 billion

Pine River Capital Management is an asset management company. They trade fixed incomes, stocks and derivatives, being one of the largest hedge funds by AUM (Assets Under Management) in the world.


66. Centerbridge Partners

Owner: Mark Gallogly, Jeffrey Aronson

Based: New York

Founded: 2005

Assets: $25 billion

Centerbridge Partners has its headquarters in New York, and an additional office located in London. Among the largest US funds, Centerbridge Partners invests in control situations (public debt and equity), as well as non-control situations (public market equity and debt).


65. Capula Investment Management

Owner: Yan Huo, Masao Asai

Based: London

Founded: 2005

Assets: $10.2 billion

Fouded in 2005 by Yan Huo and Masao Asai, Capula Investment Management quickly climbed to the top of the 100 largest hedge funds. Currently, the company ranks eight on the top of largest hedge funds in Europe.


64. GSO Capital Partners

Owner: The Blackstone Group

Based: New York

Founded: 2005

Assets: $55 billion

Currently one of the top hedge fund firms active on the market, GSO Capital Partners is credit-oriented hedge fund company. They are also an important player on the leveraged finance marketplace.


63. Point State Capital

Owner: Zachary Schreiber

Based: New York

Founded: 2010

Assets: $10.76 billion

Among all of the tops dedicated to the largest hedge fund administrators you will find Zach Schreiber. The owner of Point State Capital, Zach Schreiber, is managing a company that has assets that value more than $10 billion.


62. Fir Tree Partners

Owner: Jeffrey Tannenbaum

Based: New York

Founded: 2009

Assets: $18 billion

Fir Tree Parners is one of the largest hedge funds 2014, according to statistics that estimated the company’s AUM at around $18 billion. It is owned by its founder, Jeffrey Tannenbaum who started the company in 2009.


61. Glenview Capital Management

Owner: Larry Robbins

Based: New York

Founded: 2000

Assets: $17.5

Glenview Capital Management has an investment style that focuses on the so-called GARP strategy, growth at a reasonable price. They offer services for companies that work in stable and steady industries.


60. Magnetar Capital

Owner: Alec Litowitz, Ross Laser

Based: Illinois

Founded: 2005

Assets: $13.5 billion

Magnetar Capital is an investment hedge fund firm based in Evanston, Illinois. The company was actively involved in Collateralized Debt Obligation between 2006 and 2007.


59. TCI Fund Management

Owner: Chrisopher Hohn

Based: London

Founded: 2003

Assets: $10.9 billion

The Children’s Investment Fund Management is one of the largest UK hedge funds. They aim to invest globally in businesses that are sustainable and are also involved in the public market sector.


58. Discovery Capital Management

Owner: Direct Access Group, LLC

Based: Connecticut

Founded: 1999

Assets: $25.5 billion

Dedicated to hedge funds managing, Discovery Capital Management is among the world’s largest hedge funds. They are interested in supporting clean technology-related businesses from around the globe.


57. GoldenTree Asset Management

Owner: Steven Tananbaum

Based: New York

Founded: 2000

Assets: $26 billion

Golden Tree is one of the largest hedgefunds in the United Stated and it specialized in corporate, as well as structure credit markets.


56. Graham Capital Management

Owner: Kenneth G. Tropin

Based: Connecticut

Founded: 1994

Assets: $12 billion

Among the largest credit hedge funds, Graham Capital Management is leading the market of alternative investment. They currently have an AUM of over $12 billion.


55. JANA Partners

Owner: Barry Rosenstein

Based: New York

Founded: 2001

Assets: $10 billion

Jana Partners is a company founded by Barry Rosenstein who is also the current CEO. Jana makes investments across capital structure in both equity and debt.


54. Odey Asset Management

Owner: Crispin Odey

Based: London


Assets: $10.2 billion

Odey Asset Management is one of the largest European hedge funds, being located in London. Owned by Crispin Odey, the company focuses on hedge funding and market investments.


53. Angelo, Gordon and Co.

Owner: Employee Owned

Based: New York

Founded: 1988

Assets: $27 billion

One of the most respected hedge funds on the American Market, Angelo, Gordon and Co. was founded in the late eighties by Michael L. Gordon and John M. Angelo.


52. Balyasny Asset Management

Owner: Employee Owned

Based: Chicago

Founded: 2001

Assets: $4 billion

Balyasny Asset Management caters to the needs of both corporations and high worth individuals, being one of the largest hedge funds Chicago based.


51. Highfields Capital Management

Owner: Privately Owned

Based: Boston

Founded: 1998

Assets: $10 billion

Highfields Capital Management LP was founded in 1998 by Jonathon S. Jacobson and it is an investment management company. Apart from their main clients, they also manage investment funds for philanthropic and charitable foundations.


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