Top 4 IOTA Price Predictions for 2018 -

Top 4 IOTA Price Predictions for 2018

IOTA is a very ambitious cryptocurrency project. Unlike most other cryptocurrencies, it does not use the blockchain design, instead storing transaction data in a blockless distributed ledger. This technology gives it significant advantages by reducing processing times and eliminating transaction fees. While the IOTA developers’ initial focus has been on device-to-device microtransactions, the unique advantages of its protocol have also attracted attention for their traditional cryptocurrency uses as well. IOTA coin price saw strong growth at the end of last year, and it is set to be one of this year’s strong performers on the crypto market as well. Here are some of our IOTA price predictions for 2018 and the reasoning behind them.

What Are the IOTA Price Predictions for 2018?

Market Leader, Not Follower

The rest of the cryptocurrency market tends to follow the trends set by its biggest players – Bitcoin and, to some extent, Ethereum, with the performance of other currencies, often judged by how much they gain or lose against these big market makers. Against this background, IOTA stands out as a market-maker in its own right. In December of 2017, it actually had its big breakthrough, growing tenfold in value, well ahead of the big rise in Bitcoin and the rest of the market.

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This puts it in the small but influential category of tokens that can serve as a bellwether for the rest of the market, making an accurate IOTA coin price prediction even more valuable.

IOTA has also weathered the cooling off of the crypto market in February and March very well, seeing a smaller and shallower drop than the rest of the market before picking up again in April. Without the market-wide downturn and the resulting reduction in liquidity, it is likely that IOTA would have continued growing in value on the strength of its fundamentals.

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As such, our IOTA price predictions show that a rebound back to the $5.00 mark or beyond is very likely in mid-2018, though IOTA would probably not break $6.00 or $7.00 without a larger market-wide boost to push it along.

Big-name Partners

While speculation tends to be behind a large portion of the shifts in the cryptocurrency markets, especially for the newer entrants like IOTA, a cryptocurrency’s value is ultimately derived from how successful its real-world applications are. Over the last several months, IOTA has stood out from many of its competitors by securing a number of very promising partnerships, all of which are designed to lead to real-world applications for the protocol and the IOTA tokens used to transact on it.

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First of those is an experimental digital data marketplace that has seen some big names in the tech world trying out the platform. Though Microsoft’s involvement in the project was slightly exaggerated by both mainstream and crypto media, the project has a number of other high-profile participants such as PricewaterhouseCoopers, Bosch and Deutsche Telekom.

IOTA has also attracted attention from other cutting-edge sectors looking to use their algorithm to push the limits of technological possibility. The International Transportation Innovation Center has partnered up with IOTA to look at using IOTA’s Tangle technology for communication between driverless cars, for example.

More impressively, IOTA has made significant inroads in one sector that has traditionally been very resistant to cryptocurrency technology – government. IOTA has managed to secure the support of the Tokyo metropolitan government in partnering with Japanese companies, and is also the front-runner for Sweden’s experimental national cryptocurrency program.

While none of these partnerships have resulted in a working application yet and some, such as driverless cars, may be years away from doing so, a breakthrough in any of those projects will have a tremendous impact on IOTA price predictions. A large IOTA coin buy carried out by a major company like Bosch or a government entity like the Swedish Riksbank could easily give IOTA a spike of 1000% to 2000% in value, as well as give it a higher long-term equilibrium as well.

Strong Where Bitcoin Is Weak

One of the reasons why a lot of companies, especially those outside of the crypto sector, are very receptive to IOTA is its technological innovation. Rather than using a blockchain, it instead uses a blockless ledger that does not require dedicated miners or a large expenditure of energy and computing power to maintain, which is part of what allows it to have fast processing times and no transaction fees, making microtransactions much easier.

It also solves Bitcoin’s major problem, which is scalability. One of the reasons why Bitcoin has not seen a much wider adoption is due to its slower transaction throughput compared to conventional, centralized networks. By using a blockless ledger instead of the blockchain, IOTA can leverage the advantages of cryptocurrency without its disadvantages.

As both Bitcoin and Ethereum struggle with the increased load that more and more transactions and applications place on their systems, you can expect to see a migration away from those platforms to IOTA by users looking for a more responsive and scalable system. IOTA price predictions are very good should that happen. Once its ecosystem is more mature, which should happen by the third or fourth quarter of 2018, it is not unlikely that IOTA will move towards matching Bitcoin and Etherum in market cap, which would put IOTA coin price somewhere between $10 and $50 depending on market share, though it may not reach that range by the end of 2018.

Has Own Technological Shortcomings

For the most part, our IOTA price predictions are very optimistic, but it is also a more risky investment than other cryptocurrencies. While IOTA’s technology is innovative and solves some of the more intractable problems facing the coins and tokens that are currently dominant, its new underlying algorithm may have issues on their own that may need to be addressed before it sees wider usage.

One of those issues arose in January, when many users had their IOTA tokens stolen by hackers. While the hack itself was not caused by a security issue with IOTA itself but with a common type of wallet used by the investors affected, it showcased some differences in the tools that the IOTA community has to deal with those types of intrusions. Unlike on a blockchain, it was impossible to perform any kind of rollback or to freeze the affected transactions due to the non-sequential nature of the IOTA ledger.

While such attacks are nothing new to cryptocurrency world, it does point out that IOTA has not been stress-tested to the same extent as blockchain applications, which could delay the kinds of implementations that would give it big boosts in value. If a major vulnerability is discovered in the algorithm itself, the iota price predictions turn very negative, with the token losing most if not all of its value.


IOTA is an interesting experiment in using a different kind of algorithm to support a cryptocurrency. This technology has given it a leg up on competitors when it comes to real-world applications which, if successful, would fulfill the optimistic outlook of our IOTA price predictions and see it grow from anywhere between five and twenty-five times its current price, assuming the development does not see unexpected setbacks. What do you think is the likely price for IOTA by the end of this year? Let us know below!

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