Top 5 Zilliqa Price Predictions for 2018 -

Top 5 Zilliqa Price Predictions for 2018

Following in the wake of Ethereum’s popularity, there is a large crop of new cryptocurrencies that seek to build on its lessons to deliver an even better platform for distributed applications, all aimed at fixing Ethereum’s weaknesses and replacing it as the top DApp blockchain. Singapore-based Zilliqa is one of those projects, founded by a group of academics with a strong grounding in the kind of features blockchain applications developers want in their DApp platform. As one of the more recent additions to the competitive field, it is still early to make concrete Zilliqa price predictions, but we look into its fundamentals and the competitive environment to give you our insights into this up and coming cryptocurrency.

What Are the Zilliqa Price Predictions for 2018?

Addresses the Scalability Problem

Ethereum’s greatest vulnerability, which has been causing issues for developers for sme time now but has been put on wide display with the CryptoKitties fiasco, is its limit on transaction throughput. Each block on the blockchain can only handle so many transactions, with the excess ones having to wait for the next block.

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With the mandatory delay between blocks for security and convergence reasons, that can noticeably affect the speed with which distributed applications operate on a network. A larger backlog also means higher transaction fees, that can often price some of the lower-margin applications out of the network as well during peak hours.

Zilliqa’s greatest strength is that it solves this scalability problem. Claiming as many as 2,828 transactions per second, Zilliqa promises to be several orders of magnitude faster than most of the current blockchain networks. For applications developers concerned about scalability, that is easily enough of a margin for years of steady growth.

Further, Zilliqa developers are also currently working on developing sharding technology, which could allow the different blockchains to effectively branch out, resulting in infinitely scalable transaction speeds. This development forms the core of our optimistic Zilliqa price predictions. It may currently be trading under $0.10, but it has been on a steady upward track in recent weeks, and its scalability suggests that it has a long way to go before it hits its upper bound.

Strong Developer Background

A crypto project, especially one without many concrete applications already in use, derives most of its value from the strength of its team. And while programmers may not be difficult to find these days, visionaries with a solid grasp on where to take their technology can be few and far between.

The Zilliqa team consists of a number of academics and former business figures with the exact experience needed for the project – they themselves have previously been DApp developers. This gives them the perfect vantage point to create a platform tailored specifically to developer needs.

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If Zilliqa can meet some of the most in-demand developer needs and do so with better transaction speed and lower overhead than Ethereum, it will be perfectly positioned to siphon away that giant’s market share. But just like the Zilliqa founder Xinshu Dong, we have to advise caution in our Zilliqa price predictions.

This is a long-term project, which means that short-term gains for investors are going to be fairly limited. But investors committed to holding the currency could easily see 500% or more returns by the end of the year.

Big in Asia

Denominated in dollars, the Zilliqa market price may not seem particularly strong at $0.085 USD, but the United States is not currently the primary Zilliqa market. Most of the exchanges where it sees its trading volume are based in Asia, with Japan and South Korea both being strong markets, as well as Zilliqa’s native Singapore. South Korea itself accounted for a huge portion of Zilliqa’s trading volume recently, with over a third of the transaction being denominated in the Korean won.

Asia is a huge cryptocurrency market, and is in many ways ahead of the European and American exchanges in locating the likely winners in the coming market movements. Strong interest in Zilliqa in Asia therefore is likely to translate in huge gains for it on the dollar-denominated markets as well in the near future.

Investors that take advantage of these clear Zilliqa price predictions are likely to reap big benefits once other European and American investors catch on and the price spikes. While a huge increase of 1000% should not be expected, a steady rise to the $1 mark is definitely not out of question based on the dynamic returns from Asia.

Opening into New Markets

Until recently, Zilliqa has been somewhat of a sleeper hit, with only a few exchanges listing it and most of those being positioned in Asia. However, Zilliqa developers have been on a roll recently, rolling out new product updates at the same time as they have started fairly actively partnering up with new exchanges to list Zilliqa tokens.

This expansion to a wider audience, especially the more casual crypto traders, can only be a good thing. It is another major driver for our positive Zilliqa price predictions, as the existing exchanges clearly show that there is demand for it. As new users are exposed to it and it is listed on more mainstream exchanges, that demand will only intensify.

This will fuel continued growth, as long as the Zilliqa team continues to drive interest in the project with new released and updates to their test network. Once they go live, there will be a huge spike in demand, of course, but that is unlikely to happen before the end of the year.

A Strong Competitor

Many signs point to Zilliqa being a strong contender as the next major platform for decentralized apps, but there is one sign that points to the opposite and that is Ethereum. Zilliqa’s goal, for the most part, is to deliver the same functionality as Ethereum, but more robustly and with faster processing and lower fees.

However, the Ethereum development team has been addressing these issues as well, and has access to more funding, more partners, and a large established user and developer base. The newer technology of Zilliqa does give it a degree of competitive advantage, but it is still far from ready for release.

By the time it is, Ethereum can roll out some smaller and more incremental improvements in the hopes of making the switch less attractive. More radically, Ethereum has been working on its own sharding technology, which could make many of the upgrades Zilliqa promises effectively obsolete. If that push is successful, expect Zilliqa’s price to fall to practically zero.


Zilliqa has all the hallmarks of a successful cryptocurrency, and we would easily give investors a full-throated endorsement to buy it in our Zilliqa price predictions if it were not for its established and powerful competitor Ethereum. Nonetheless, Zilliqa does have what it takes to succeed, including a driven team, strong technology, and a powerful demand push. Whether it can unseat Ethereum remains to be seen, but if anyone can do it, it is this dynamic Asian cryptocurrency. Do you think Zilliqa can win over Ethereum developers? Tell us in the comments!

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