Top 6 EOS Price Predictions for 2018 -

Top 6 EOS Price Predictions for 2018

(Updated October 2018) This article aims to give readers first-hand information about one of the newest digital currencies in the market. It also provides several EOS price predictions for this year. Hopefully, it can guide them in making decisions for investing in this virtual asset. Don Larimer, founder of the token, uses the Block One, similar to the Blockchain of Ethereum. The EOS maintained a reasonable price of around $1 during its launching last July (2017), and surged to nearly $16 by the end of December 2017. Current price as of writing this article is $5.37 with a Market Cap of 4.6 billion.

The Block One platform makes use of smart contracts as well as native currencies to build a decentralized system for application development. EOS developers claim to achieve a maximum of 50,000 transactions for every second. The figure remains higher than the majority of existing Blockchains. Through scaling, Block One can solve the slow progress of Blockchain-based sales.

What are the EOS Price Predictions for 2018?

Long-term Investment for Minimum of One Year

One of the favorable EOS Price Predictions comes from This currency can turn out as a profitable venture with a price equivalent to $13.063 this January 1st based on the website’s records. Purchasing the EOS for $100 at the moment will give the speculator 18.82 EOS. If you invest for five years, your expected revenue will reach roughly 510%. In 2023, your investment may reach $610. Observers predict the digital token’s prices can go up to $10.143 in a single year with long-term (5-year) earning prospect of $32.751.

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EOS Produces Fewer Risks Compared to ETH

One more of the upbeat EOS Price Predictions highlights the strength of the currency making it a profitable option for buyers. Many market players look at a probable future price of $20 and hit a high of $150 by the year 2020. Investors see fewer risks compared perhaps to Ethereum of Bitcoin. A decline at this point seems less likely although the modest price increase for 2018 stands at a little over $20. Nonetheless, some analysts describe the EOS as a hot token for speculators who invest because of the low cost and less adverse concerns. You can purchase 100 coins quickly without spending a fortune.

Popularity in Countries like South Korea Makes the EOS a Good Buy

The third of several EOS price predictions stems from its reputation in South Korea. All cryptocurrencies experienced volatility during the past week. The value of EOS climbed to more than $20, although the drop brought it down to a little over $5. The decline reversed promptly. Since then, the digital asset’s price lingered between $5 and $10. The overall situation spears bullish notwithstanding some instability right now. At one point, the EOS market price soared to $11.50 before plunging and recovering once again.

Investors can view the brief tumble below $6 as an opportunity to buy. The statistics do not look bad. With over $316,000,000 in 24-hour trading volume, things remain bright for the EOS. It does not mean that the token will go up by a mile, since the market deals with more than 2,000 cryptocurrencies in one day. Buyers will find it more practical to purchase the maximum number of tokens as a hedge against unpredictability.

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Bright Future despite Competition from Ethereum and Others

More encouraging EOS Price Predictions cite the initial progress of this currency from July up to December, when the price increased to $9.91 before attaining the all-time milestone of $16 in December 2017. This forecast supports the daily peak of 20% and sustaining the growth rate (336.42%) in December, as well as the maximum threshold of 1,170%. The impressive turnout comes in the midst of numerous adverse comments and gossips about the fake currency along with possible scams. Nevertheless, widespread acceptance of ETH also bodes well for the future of EOS.

Hottest Initial Coin Offering on the Ethereum Platform

The EOS Price Predictions from Business Insider presents a detailed and encouraging analysis. EOS will emerge as one of the most formidable Initial Coin Offerings (ICO) on the ETH network. The EOS crowdsale model motivates investors to purchase tokens. The scalability of EOS makes it more attractive. The numbers will turn out as very heartening as well. The publication takes into consideration the surge last July 1st from $1 to $5.40 on July 3rd.

Block One did very well its marketing strategy, as prominent entities such as the New York Times and Reuters wrote about the virtual asset. This development helped EOS become one of the ten most significant digital tokens regarding market ceiling, based on the statistics from At present, EOS sits at number ten boasting of a cap worth $6.3 billion. After a collapse estimated at 70% within eight days, the prediction that buyers will still support the token soon stays.

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A Storybook Growth preferred to describe EOS as the surprise among the neophyte digital assets. The jump to #5 (over 300%) represented a fairytale type of progress. The bearish markets instilled some fear and apprehensions among crypto traders of Bitcoins and Altcoins, particularly users who have not traded for a long time. These currencies (including EOS) managed to come back.

You can call it as a phenomenal rise at a time when EOS just ended its 350 successive 23-hour coin sales within a few hours. According to records, more than 2 million tokens were distributed. The sales of one billion coins will resume on the ETH network for around 314 days. Block One management claims the extended duration of coin sales gives enough time for the whole crypto community to become more familiar with the project.

More participants can also get involved in the distribution. With the fantastic growth of 321.67%, the EOS token sold for a sum of $7.05. The outcome brought the marketplace valuation to over $800 million. Bitfinex listed this electronic asset in June before the token sale. mentioned the Wall Street Journal’s observation that the high value of Block One exemplifies the potentials as well as the issues of the difficult marketplace. A lot of investors become over-eager to purchase almost anything associated with virtual currencies which cause the value of these assets to rise and fall after market rumblings. The parent company of EOS became very candid about the electronic currency having a lack of real significance. However, this admission does not stop people from investing in the token and expecting it to increase in value.


What do these predictions imply? Readers should understand that Block One came up with a worthy product with a wide-open future. Of course, flaws in development surfaced. No cryptocurrency developer in this world can stay away from such issues. The problems remain manageable. Experts in this industry can correct severe problems inherent in startup projects.

Stakeholders should take note of the positive forecasts about the currency’s pricing, the growth and peak rates, and positive attitudes of market investors towards the money. This review explains every detail carefully and provides figures for your appreciation. Of course, the currency has to compete with the giant known as Ethereum, but the possibility of thriving in competition stands out. Hopefully, you can share experiences and beliefs to other people in the future.

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