Goldman Sachs Internship Openings for Summer -

Goldman Sachs Internship Openings for Summer

Goldman Sachs is one of the most successful and  prestigious names in finance, and a chance to work for them is an unmissable opportunity. Taking part in the Goldman Sachs internship program is a guarantee of a successful start in a financial career.

Goldman Sachs seeks to find and recruit talented individuals coming from different academic backgrounds. Their internship programs are created in partnership with various universities and aim to find the best candidates for entry-level jobs.

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The Goldman Sachs summer internship is a ten-week long opportunity to learn and gain experience in one of the leading investment firms in the world. The summer analyst position is open for candidates who are currently in the second or third year of studying for their degree.

Goldman Sachs internships are open to students who hold a remarkable academic achievement record, and who manifest an interest and passion for the financial market.

Goldman Sachs Firm Overview

Goldman Sachs is a company that was founded in 1869 and is currently one of the most important and largest firms in the financial field. They offer a variety of services in investment and securities, and they are active in a variety of locations all around the world.

The Goldman Sachs headquarters are located in New York, but they manage their business via offices located in all important geographies on the globe. An active and respected industry pioneer Goldman Sachs is globally recognized for their constant strive to open their offices to young professionals with different academic backgrounds.

Diversity is a key element of the Goldman Sachs sophomore internship programs which are open to students from various locations. Young professionals from both North and South America, Asia, Europe, India, Africa and the Middle East are welcome to apply to the Goldman Sachs internship programs.

How to Get an Internship at Goldman Sachs?

There are a variety of Goldman Sachs summer internships that are open to students from the Americas, and they cover different job openings. You can choose from summer analyst internship or summer associate internship, as well as other programs dedicated to entry-level openings.

The process of applying for an internship at Goldman Sachs is clearly presented on the official website, but there are a few things you should know before starting your application. An important thing to research is the Goldman Sachs summer internship deadline, as it varies according to every university.

Goldman Sachs representatives have stated that their hiring policy for summer interns is straightforward and aggressive. They aim to turn as many interns into full-time employees to maintain a young, competitive and passionate team. This means that if you prove your abilities and interest in the fields, you have great chances of becoming a full-time Goldman Sachs employee.

All the Goldman Sachs legal internship programs are based on mentoring, represented by the Big Buddy system. Every intern benefits from the experience of working with multiple mentors, including members of the top management.

Apply for a Goldman Sachs Internship

If you have decided that this position is the right one for you, access the official company website where the process is presented in detail. You can also discover the requirements and benefits of being part of the Goldman Sachs team thoroughly detailed on their official site.

Below, we have included a step by step presentation of the process you have to follow in order to successfully submit your Goldman Sachs internship application. Read through our step by step guide and then access the official website to create and submit your internship application.

  • Step 1

Access the official Goldman Sachs website and find the section dedicated to Students and Graduates. Read the presentation of all the available internship programs and then log into the company website. Choose the careers section and access the direct web page.

  • Step 2

If you are already a registered user, just provide your information and password. If not, register and you will receive a unique ID and safe password that you should save and memorize. You will have to provide this login information every time you want to access the careers section.

  • Step 3

For a summer internship Goldman Sachs, you have two different options. You can apply for the Summer Associate Internship or the Summer Analyst Internship. Read about each program and choose the one that best fits your background and interests. Select the position you wish to apply for.

  • Step 4

Carefully fill in all the required details in the application. Pay attention to providing accurate contact information, as well as an extensive overview of your academic background. Include all the recommendations and additional documents required before submitting your application.

  • Step 5

After you have provided all the requested information, make sure you check everything for accuracy. Remember that after you submit the application, you can’t go back to add or modify any of the provided information. Make sure you double-check contact information, as well as spelling and grammar errors. Once completed, you can submit your application for the Goldman Sachs internship.

  • Step 6

You will be soon contacted by a representative of the HR department who will offer you a response to the application. The status of your application, as well as the details regarding the prospective Goldman Sachs internship interview, will be included in your registered account. Apart from this on-site account, you might receive an e-mail or phone call from the HR representatives, so wait for them to contact you.

The recruiting process for the internships at Golden Sachs is a thorough one, so you shouldn’t worry if you don’t receive an answer immediately. It might take a few days for your application to be reviewed and assessed, which means you will eventually be contacted by a member of the HR department.

The Goldman Sachs internship salary information is confidential, and you will only receive an offer after the interview. This means you shouldn’t expect a Goldman Sachs internship pay offer coming through the mail.

Dedicated Goldman Sachs Internship Programs

There are programs created for every season, such as the Goldman Sachs winter internship or the shorter Goldman Sachs spring break internship, but we will cover the summer internship opportunities. Both the summer associate and the summer analyst internship positions can lead to full-time employment after the established ten-week period.

Goldman Sachs representatives stated that although they are looking for outstanding candidates, a minimum Goldman Sachs internship GPA is not their main concern. They are looking for young people who have already gained professional experience and have shown a genuine passion for the field of finance.

To be eligible for one of these two internship openings you need to have stellar academic results, but also an array of activities and personal achievements that will differentiate you from the competition. Keep in mind that in 2013 around 17,000 people applied only for the Goldman Sachs investment banking internship, so make sure your application will stand out from such a big crowd.

Summer Associate Internship

The summer associate internship program lasts for 10 weeks and students who are involved in a post-graduate program such as MD, MS or MBA are eligible.

The shortlisted candidates benefit from an orientation program and are included in the day to day activities of their department. They are all eligible for a full-time job at the end of the 10-week period, according to their performance.

This is a challenging program that aims to prepare candidates for difficult tasks and assignments they might encounter as full-time employees. Their activity is based on mentoring, but a great intern should also be able to perform almost at the level of a full-time employee.

The summer associate internship is much more specialized than the analyst one, which means that your chances of getting an offer for a full-time position are much higher. Interns who are selected for this internship have many responsibilities, but the benefits are also adjusted to the requirements.

To be a successful intern and increase your chances of getting hired, you should maintain a proactive, positive attitude and prove your skills to your supervisors.

Summer Analyst Internship

The Summer Analyst internship is a 10 weeks regular program dedicated to students who are approaching graduation. Generally open for final year students, the program can be accessed by others as well.

To be selected for this Goldman Sachs undergraduate internship you will have to prove your existing knowledge in the field of finance. The subject you are majoring in is not the most important factor of selection; you are assessed more on the interest you have in finance and related fields.

The first stage of your internship will consist of an orientation program where all the interns will be briefed on the main activities of the firm. After a specific training of one week, every intern will be assigned to a team of full-time workers and start working on a real project.

Your chances of getting offered a full-time job after the 10 weeks as an intern for Goldman Sachs depend on your performance. There are chances of being employed if you prove to be proactive, intelligent, imaginative and hard working.

It is important to regard the internship period as a serious, real employment opportunity. Make sure you do your best to learn and perform. The secrets for increasing your chances are to stay concentrated, learn from every colleague or manager you meet and don’t be afraid to take action.

Apart from being a hard-worker, you have to prove that the Goldman Sachs company will benefit from hiring you. Make the best of your internship program by learning as much as you can and developing your skills.

Benefits of Goldman Sachs Internship Openings

The benefits of working for a top Forbes company are evident. You get to be part of a prestigious firm, and you also experience a great start in your career. The benefits of becoming an intern at Goldman Sachs range from financial, to professional and personal.

The main benefits are related to the possibility of becoming a full-time employee of one of the best finance companies in the world, but there are others you should consider.

  • Opportunity to become part of a professional, highly experienced team
  • Possibility of getting an offer for a regular position as new assistant or analyst
  • The chance of listing Goldman Sachs on your resume
  • Personal and professional growth due to the mentoring program
  • Increased knowledge of the field of finance
  • Getting your career on the right track by starting with a prestigious company
  • Opportunity to network and establish future contacts
  • Expert assessment of your qualities and skills

The opportunity of participating in a Goldman Sachs summer internship is an unmissable chance for anyone who wishes to work in finance. A successful internship can become the starting point of a long and fulfilling career in the field, even if you get hired or not. All interns get a final professional assessment of their activity. This assessment  will greatly help you discover your strong points and know what skills you should work on.

Take the chance and apply for a Goldman Sachs internship.  You will become part of one of the best finance firms in the world! The experience you will acquire during the 10 weeks as an intern will help you advance your career and become a professional in the field.

For a more detailed presentation of the internship offers, visit the official Goldman Sachs website by accessing this link. You will find all the information about the company’s history, their objectives, as well as a thorough overview of their top management experts. You can apply for all their programs by logging into their site. Then, follow the steps presented in our Apply for a Goldman Sachs Internship section.

If you are looking for a head start in your career, you should definitely apply for one of the Goldman Sachs internship programs. Research their specific requirements and deadlines according to the position you wish to apply for and then submit your application.

A successful application to the Goldman Sachs internship can eventually lead to  a full-time job offer. You can apply as an undergraduate or a Master’s Degree student because the internship programs are open to all future finance professionals.

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