Top 4 DentaCoin Price Predictions for 2018 -

Top 4 DentaCoin Price Predictions for 2018

(Updated May, 2018) The blockchain technology has the potential to improve, disrupt or advance many conventional industries, so it is no surprise that even the dental industry has its own cryptocurrency – DentaCoin. DCN is an altcoin designed to eliminate the middlemen between patients and dentists, as well as make it easier for people to get access to care and maintain good dental health. The start of this year has seen an increased interest in Dentacoin as the cryptocurrency market heated up and the DentaCoin team has started hitting some important development milestones. In May 2018, DentaCoin price has been trading around $0.0012 and its market cap has grown to $414 million. We have carefully analyzed this new player on the markets and have some DentaCoin price predictions for 2018.

What Are the DentaCoin price predictions for 2018?

Following Market Trends

So far, Dentacoin has mostly seen the same ups and downs in its price as most other cryptocurrencies. Just like the rest of the crypto market, DentaCoin price saw a huge surge in value in mid-January, followed by a slow cooling off punctuated by brief spikes in mid-January and early February. The ups and downs in DentaCoin’s price also tended to mirror those of Bitcoin.

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This is not surprising, as Dentacoin has a fairly low market cap compared to the major cryptocurrencies, currently sitting at around #75 for total market cap after peaking in the top 25. It also has a relatively low day-to-day trading volume, with less than 0.1% of the total market cap being traded every day. This suggests that most of those who own Dentacoin are holding on to it, rather than trading on small market fluctuations.

Together, these two factors suggest that, in the short-to-medium term, Dentacoin price is likely to follow the movements of the cryptocurrency market as a whole. It has done so for pretty much the entire time it has been on the market, its current owners seem inclined to hold on to it, and it does not currently have enough market cap to really trade against market trends. This could change, but so far even two major partnerships with brick-and-mortar firms in the United States and the United Kingdom have not bucked that trend.

High Barriers of Entry

Dentacoin has managed to attract some attention in the dental world, but it is going to have a very difficult time breaking into the market. It currently only has partnerships with 23 dental practices, some of which are either managed by or affiliated with Dentacoin team members, including one that was purchased to serve as a trial for the platform. This low rate of adoption among the key stakeholder demographic is a problem when it comes to maintaining or increasing the DCN coin’s price, since only a tiny portion of those who currently own Dentacoin are able to actually use it, giving it little in the way of intrinsic value.

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In a more general sense, the dental industry is not an easy one to enter. According to recent market reports, many aspects of it are dominated by a small number of large corporations, and it is characterized by strong regulation and high costs. Competing and building value in a market like that can be difficult for cryptocurrencies, which tend to be viewed with skepticism by government regulators.

It is also facing an uphill battle in reaching its target audience. According to one of Dentacoin team members, their target group “does not necessarily consist of tech-savvy people”, giving it an additional barrier that many other cryptocurrencies don’t face. Finally, if Dentacoin begins gaining market share, it may find itself competing against other similar products developed by competitors with more funding and industry connections. This suggests that Dentacoin price is unlikely to see major growth barring significant breakthroughs that allow it to quickly secure market share from more conventional rivals.

Not Disruptive

Blockchain technologies can do a lot to make many business sectors more effective, but Dentacoin does not seem to be using it to add anything significantly new to the dental sector. Its main components, only the first of which has been released so far, consist of:

  • a platform for dentist reviews;
  • a mobile app for encouraging healthy dental habits;
  • an opinion-polling and market research platform;
  • smart contracts between dentists and patients;
  • a healthcare database, and
  • a marketplace for dental equipment;

Only one of those – smart contracts – does not currently exist in an established, non-blockchain form, and there are many smart-contract applications that have already been released and have a better rate of adoption than Dentacoin that could be used.

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And given that Dentacoin has only rolled out one of those applications so far, it can’t trade on offering an all-in-one solution either. This gives stakeholders – both patients and dentists – little incentive to switch over to Dentacoin applications for their needs. At best, they are duplicating their efforts, as well as having to take a chance on a new technology. The risks are clear, while the benefits are uncertain.

These structural issues mean that Dentacoin is not likely to see significant growth until it is much further along in its development process and until it has a much more compelling value proposition for its users. According to their own timeline, they are projecting to release the healthcare database integration in late 2019, which means that our DentaCoin price predictions for 2018 indicate weak growth over the course of this year.

Unbalanced Fundamentals

Tokens, just like stocks, raw materials or consumer goods, have their price fundamentally governed by supply and demand. While fluctuations in the cryptocurrency investment market may see coins rise and fall in price quickly, they ultimately end up somewhere around the price dictated by those fundamental market forces. In the case of Dentacoin, there is a strong supply of coins coupled with a relatively weak demand for them, which leads us to be cautious in our DentaCoin price predictions.

While Dentacoin is not mineable, it can currently be obtained by writing reviews of dentists on its review platform, as well as by engaging with its app and polling platforms once those are rolled out. It is then possible to spend that Dentacoin on dental care at participating dentists.

However, outside of having it, there is no reason to use Dentacoin instead of fiat currency, since dentists still need the latter to pay salaries and other upkeep costs. In fact, it is likely that most of the Dentacoin dentists collect will immediately be traded for fiat for exactly that reason. This creates significant supply drivers for Dentacoin, but little in the way of demand. That, in turn, gives us low DentaCoin price predictions over the long term.


Dentacoin offers an interesting and innovative approach in using the blockchain to modernize the dental industry, but it is so far falling short of the mark. Its market price history has been fairly unremarkable, its supply and demand fundamentals are weak, and it lacks exciting innovations which it can use to take on a difficult and mature market segment. Based on this, our DentaCoin price predictions show that it will likely continue declining until it stabilizes at a low price. It should see brief spikes as the team releases new applications, but barring major developments it will return to a low equilibrium soon after. What do you think about investing in Dentacoin? Talk to us about it!

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