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75 Largest Hedge Funds in the World

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25. Platinum Asset Management

Owner: Kerr Neilson

Based: Australia

Founded: 1994

Assets: $24 billion

Platinum Asset Management is a very successful Australian hedge fund firm which turned its owner, South-African Kerr Neilson into a top 50 Richest Australians according to Forbes.


24. Hillhouse Capital Management

Owner: Lei Zhang

Based: Beijing

Founded: 2005

Assets: $20 billion

Among the top hedge funds by AUM, this Asian-based company has managed to bloom and steadily increase its revenue since its creation in 2005.


23. York Capital Management

Owner: James Dinan

Based: New York

Founded: 1991

Assets: $23 billion


York Capital Management’s main area of activity is investing in event driven and merger strategies for high-end clients.

22. Marshall Wace

Owner: Paul Marshall, Ian Wace

Based: London

Founded: 1997

Assets: $15 billion

A major hedge funds firm is Marshall Wace, located in London. The firm deals with both long and short equity funds.


21. GAM Holding

Owner: Independent

Based: Switzerland

Founded: 1983

Assets: CHF 119.0 billion

GAM Holding is located in Zurich and it has offices all around the world, being one of the most important European hedge funds.


20. Brevan Howard Capital Management

Owner: Allan Howard

Based: Jersey

Founded: 2002

Assets: $40 billion

Considered one of the largest macro-funds on the planet, Brevan Howard Capital Management offers its services to high-end clients and businesses.


19. Citadel

Owner: Kenneth C. Griffin

Based: Chicago

Founded: 1990

Assets: $25 billion

Citadel is an American Hedge Fund company that operates with alternative asset management tools. They are currently among the largest hedge fund firms in the world.


18. Davidson Kempner Capital Management

Owner: Employee owned

Based: New York

Founded: 1983

Assets: $25.4 billion

This major hedge fund firm is one of the most prestigious on the market, offering high-quality services for over 30 years.


17. Elliot Management Corporation

Owner: Paul Singer

Based: New York

Founded: 1977

Assets: $27 billion

Elliot Management Corporation is an American hedge fund which is mainly active on the distressed security market, such as debt in almost bankrupt companies.


16. Credit Suisse Asset Management

Owner: Credit Suisse Group

Based: New York

Founded: 1856

Assets: $52.5 billion

Credit Suisse Asset Management is among the biggest names of hedge funds companies in the world. The Swiss firm has a current AUM value of over $50 billion.


15. Adage Capital Management

Owner: Employee Owned

Based: Boston

Founded: 2001

Assets: $8.9 billion

Adage Capital Management is a Boston-based major hedge funds firm in the world. Founded in 2001, Adage is a power player on the market.


14. Baupost Group

Owner: Seth Klarman

Based: Boston

Founded: 1982

Assets: $29.4 billion

We are getting closer to the top of our list of biggest hedge funds companies and the Boston and London based Baupost Groups is one of the largest firms on our top.


13. Lone Pine Capital

Owner: Privately Owned

Based: Connecticut

Founded: 1997

Assets: $24.5 billion

Lone Pine Capital was founded by Stephen Mandel who is currently serving as President of the Connecticut-based company.


12. Renaissance Technologies

Owner: James H. Simons

Based: New York

Founded: 1982

Assets: $65 billion


With an AUM of $65 billion and over 200 employees, Renaissance Technologies is among the largest hedge funds firms in the world.

11. Two Sigma

Owner: John Overdeck

Based: New York

Founded: 2001

Assets: $35 billion

Two Sigma is proud to state that they are an original investment manager which follows principles of innovation and technology.


10. BlackRock

Owner: Larry Fink

Based: New York

Founded: 1988

Assets: $4.6 trillion

Closing the top 10 hedge funds in the world is BlackRock, a company dedicated to asset management with a perspective on effective risk management.


9. Man Group

Owner: Jon Aisbitt

Based: London

Founded: 1783

Assets: $78.1 billion

Among the top 10 hedge funds in the world, Man Group has a long history of high-quality services that have taken them to a AUM of over $78 billion.


8. Viking Global Investors

Owner: Ole Andreas Halvorsen

Based: Connecticut

Founded: 1999

Assets: $28.8 billion

This American hedge fund has its headquarters in Greenwich, and it is currently ranking among the largest investment management firms in the world.


7. D.E. Shaw & Co.

Owner: David E. Shaw

Based: New York

Founded: 1988

Assets: $81.36 billion

D.E. Shaw & Co. is currently ranking at number 7 on the top dedicated to the largest hedge funds in the world, with an AUM od over $80 billion.


6. Winton Capital Management

Owner: David Harding

Based: London

Founded: 1997

Assets: $28 billion

Among the top 10 hedge funds in the world we find Winton Capital Management, a British Company that offers its services on a global scale.


5. Millennium Management

Owner: Privately Owned

Based: New York

Founded: 1989

Assets: $207 billion

Another remarkable company that has managed to evolve and gain success on the investment market, Millennium Management is our top 5 largest hedge funds winner.


4. Och-Ziff Capital Management

Owner: Daniel S. Och

Based: New York

Founded: 1994

Assets: $42 billion

Among the major hedge funds on the planet, Och-Ziff Capital Management is a company dedicated to alternative global asset management.


3. AQR Capital Management

Owner: Affiliated Managers Group

Based: Connecticut

Founded: 1998

Assets: $153.6 billion

Another famous hedge fund that has an impressive AUM is the Connecticut-based AQR Capital Management.


2. J.P. Morgan Asset Management

Owner: J.P. Morgan & Co.

Based: New York

Founded: 2000

Assets: $1.7 trillion

The second largest hedge fund is J.P. Morgan Asset Management. This major player has been offering services to clients and businesses located all over the world for over 15 years.


1. Bridgewater Associates

Owner: Ray Dalio, Bob Prince

Based: Wesport, Connecticut

Founded: 1975

Assets: $197 billion

The winner of the title of largest hedge fund in the world is Bridgewater Associates. This prestigious firm has delivered quality services since the beginning, remaining relevant after 40 years.


With a variety of business plans and strategies, the 75 largest hedge funds come from different location on the planet. There are developing industries for hedge funding all over the world and they shouldn’t be overlooked.

From New York, to London and Hong Kong, now you know the most important, largest hedge funds available on the market. With high-quality services and amazing AUM numbers, all these companies are the living proof of financial success!

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